Student Satistfaction Survey

Student Satisfactory Survey analysis and action taken Report for the Session 2019-2020


          Meeting of Grievance and Redressal Cell was held on 14 Dec, 2020 in the office of the Principal. In this meeting, analysis of student – satisfactory – survey was done. It was observed that total 720 students’ responses were received and tabulated. The committee analyzed received Performa online and the following data is obtained.


  1. 477/720 students were day scholars and 243 students were hostler.
  2. It was observed that 82% attended their classes regularly, 9% frequently and 9% sometimes.


  • Action to be taken :

Students and their parents will be informed frequently via mobile about their shortage of attendance by concerned staff members.


  1. Some students could not attend offline due to health problems, personal circumstances and less transport facilities. Many students found difficulty in attending online classes for their even semester due to network problem and non availability of smart phones.
  • Action to be taken :

Teachers will take extra classes for such students.


  1. 91% students found their classes interesting.
  • Action to be taken :

Teachers will make attempts to make their lectures more attractive and interesting.

  1. 83% students agreed that teachers provide them additional study material.
  • Action to be taken:

Students will be supplemented with online study material.

  1. 93% students said that they approached their teachers for guidance.
  • No action plan required.
  1. 52% responded that contents of syllabus were good and 15% responded excellent.


  1. 52% responded that student teacher interaction was good and 27% responded excellent.
  • Action to be taken:

Frequency of interaction will be increased in future.

  1. 52% students responded that their experience in practical classes was good and 20% responded excellent.
  • Action to be taken

Lab will be upgraded and procedures will be explained more elaborately through virtual aids.

  1. 53% responded teaching method was good and 31% said excellent.
  • Action to be taken

Lesson improvement measures will be taken

  1. Students were very well satisfied with infrastructure of college:-
  1. Library                   - 56% good and 17% Excellent.
  2. Labs                       - 58% good and 26% excellent.
  3. Books & Journals  - 54% good and 26% excellent.
  4. Sports facilities      - 52% good and 30% excellent.
  5. Water facility                     - 51% good and 28% excellent.
  6. Cleanliness of washrooms - 49% good, 20% excellent.
  7. Canteen facility                 - 47% good, 40% excellent.
  8. Class rooms                      - 55% good and 30% excellent
  • Action to be taken :

College will try its best to upgrade the existing infrastructure.

  1.  57% students said college website was good and 28% said excellent. Majority of students (98%) were satisfied with internet facility in library.
  2. 99% students were satisfied with the support of library staff. More than 90% students were satisfied with the behavior of office staff.
  • No action required.
  1. 68% students were aware of suggestion boxes kept in college.
  • Action to be taken :

Students will be further informed and motivated to provide new suggestions.

  1. 98% students said that college campus was safe and ragging free.
  • No action required.


  1. 75% responded that their complaints were redressed in time and 92% said that they were timely informed through notice board.
  • Action to be taken:

Prompt action will be taken by the grievances committee.

  1. 69% students were involved in cultural activities, 7% N.C.C, 8.6% in Y.R.C and 15.6 in N.S.S.
  • Action to be taken :

More students will be motivated to participate. More incentives and concessions will be given for participating in extra-curricular activities.

  1. 18% students took part in sports activities and 71% were satisfied with practice session.
  • Action to be taken :

Students will be motivated to participate more actively.



                                                                                                            Dr. Rashmi Lohchab