Research Activities

  • The College gives permission and encourages the faculty members to register themselves for M.Phil & Ph.D.
  • It is an outcome of this encouragement that 42.8%(11 out of 23) Grant-in-aid faculty members did their Ph.D. during service.
  • 3 of our faculty members i.e. 15%availed sabbatical leave under FIP scheme of U.G.C. for doing their Ph.D.
  • For analytical and empirical studies, Socio-Economic survey conducted by Geography Department(PG) and also prepared reports regarding findings.
  • The faculty members attended the training programmes on Process of Accreditation conducted by B.P.S. Mahila University, Khanpur Kalan (Sonepat) in November 2011 and another one conducted by Khalsa College, Yamunanagar in March 2013.
  • The students of B.A, B.Com, B.Sc. (Medical/Non-Medical), B. Sc (Sports) Part-I are assigned small research projects in environmental studies where they are required to collect the data by actually visiting the sites to draw valid inferences.
  • Students of BA-III have a part of their syllabus in which they conduct the survey, collect, analyze and conclude primary data.
  • Dissertation work is done by M.P.Ed. students as partial fulfillment of their degree.
  • B.A. 2nd year students conducted the survey on Eve-Teasing in the college campus.
  • Different statistical tools i.e. mean, mode, median, dispersion etc. are the part of syllabus of different subjects in U.G. and P.G. these statistical tools are very much helpful for different research activities.
  • NSS , Women cell and Election Awareness cell conducted  survey in rural areas on issues Women Empowerment, Health & Hygiene and Election Awareness.


5 UGC Sponsored Seminars/Workshops/Conferences

Following UGC Sponsored Seminars/Workshops/Conferences organized in the college:

  • National Seminar on “Indian Women in New Millennium” held on 1st and 2nd Sept., 2006 organised by the Department of Economics
  • National Seminar on “Aadhunikta Bodh ka Visphot( Swatantrottar Prabandh Kavyon ke Sandarbh Mein)” held on 28th and 29th Nov,2006, organised by Department of Hindi.
  • UGC Capacity Building Workshop For Women Managers in Higher Education, Sensitivity/Awareness/Motivation Workshop, held from 11th to 16th Dec, 2006.
  • National Seminar on “Regional Development and Planning” held on 19th and 20th September, 2007 organised by Geography Department.
  • National Seminar on “Empowering Women in Rural India” held on 23rd and 24th Dec, 2015, organized by Department of Sociology and History.


DHE Sponsored Seminars

Following DHE Sponsored Seminars organized in the college.

  • National Seminar on “Status of Women in Haryana” held on 8th March,2006 organized by the Department of English.
  •  National Seminar on “Women Sports Opportunities and Challenges” sponsored by Radhakrishna Foundation of MDU, Rohtak held on 28th March,2007 organised by Physical Education Department.
  • National Seminar on “Empowering Women in Rural India” held on 29th March,2014 , organized by Department of Sociology and History.


Proposals Submitted to UGC/DGHE,Haryana

  Following proposals have been submitted to UGC/DGHE,Haryana:

  • To establish a Women Study Centre in the college.
  • A proposal for Workshop on “Safe Workplace: My Fundamental Right” by Department of Sociology and Political Science.
Research Appreciations(Last 5 years)
  • 21 % (10 out of 43) faculty members invited as Resource Persons in workshops , seminars, conferences organized by other Institutions.
  • Dr. Susheela Dhankhar received recognition by national newspaper for her research work on gender issues.
  • Dr. Sunita Siwach was awarded with Fulbright scholarship and now working in UGC as Joint Secretary.
  • Appreciation Awards -09
  • Community Health camp  attended – 04
  • International  Visiting- 01
  • Project - 01