Our College

Maharani Kishori Jat Kanya Mahavidyalya, Rohtak was established in 1988 managed under Jat Education Society by then President Ch. Uday Singh Mann, after the name of legendary Maharani Kishori, Queen of Maharaja Surajmal, the Jat Emperor of Delhi.

Maharani Kishori who has become an icon of valour and grit, a symbol of indomitable courage and undaunted spirit in hour of crisis. The founders of Maharani Kishori Jat Kanya Mahavidyalya wished to inculcate the virtues of courage and confidence in all rural girls. Since then Maharani Kishori Jat Kanya Mahavidyalya has been accomplishing the missionary task of imparting the light of knowledge to this deprived section of society primarily to the rural girls of Haryana with a commitment to convert this weaker section of society into the strength of the nation by enabling them to discover their inherent potential and innate qualities and instilling in them a passion for life long learning.

The main objective of the college is to groom young talents into skilled knowledgeable and capacitated women who with commitment, confidence and competence will exhibit the highest standards of ethical behaviors in every walk of life and turn every difficulty into an opportunity to move ahead towards perfection. All activities connected with the college are consciously correlated to our collective aim of producing empowered women fully endowed materially and intellectually. The very motto of the college Arise, Awake and Achieve implies a journey from the dark labyrinths of ignorance to the luminous vistas of knowledge.